The cash back program on RedFlagDeals has now come to an end. Thank you for your patronage and support.

We will continue to support the cash back program until October 13, 2017 to ensure everyone gets credited for their previous purchases and gets paid out in full.

If you haven't already filled out your cash back payment method, please do so now at the link below. This will ensure your cash back balance is paid out. We cannot send you a payment if we don't know where you send it.

For the first 3 months after cash back has ended, payments will be sent out as per our regular payment schedule and with the previous minimums per payment method ($5 for a Paypal payment, $50 for a cheque). After this we will be making 3 additional payments at 3 month intervals in which the minimums for a payment will be lowered to $0. Anyone with a positive balance, who has filled in their payment method and has cash back activity in the previous 12 months will receive a payment on those dates. A complete payment schedule will be listed at the bottom of this page.

We know that sometimes cash back doesn't show up automatically and we will continue to support the manual processing of those transactions up until October 1st, 2017. Anyone who has not been credited for their cash back purchase will need to submit a missing cash back claim by that date or it will be considered lost. To submit a missing cash back claim please visit this page ( and select "Cash Back Purchase Inquiry" from the drop down menu.

If you have any additional questions about this please email us at [email protected] and use "Cash Back" as the subject.

We thank you for using RedFlagDeals cash back and hope that you'll continue to come to us for finding the latest hot deals, conversations, and more.

Important Dates:

  • 10/13/16: Cash back ends
  • 11/01/16: Regular payment processing date
  • 12/01/16: Regular payment processing date
  • 12/01/16: Regular payment processing date
  • 03/01/17: No-minimum payment processing date
  • 06/01/17: No-minimum payment processing date
  • 09/01/17: No-minimum payment processing date
  • 10/01/17: Final date to submit missing cash back claim
  • 10/13/17: Final no-minimum payment processing date